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Lab NameLab TypeAddressCityDistrictActive Lab Accreditation/ProficiencyActions
Abe Construction ServicesPrivate5111 Doolan RoadLivermore4 CT 233: Gamma-Gamma Test
ACE Quality ControlPrivate1050 Melody Lane, Suite 160Roseville3 AASHTO T11: Sieve Analysis (Washing) - Fine Aggregates (JTCP)
AASHTO T27: Sieve Analysis - Fine and Coarse Aggregates (JTCP)
AASHTO R47: Reducing Samples of HMA (JTCP)
AASHTO R76: Reducing Samples of Agg (JTCP)
AASHTO T176: Sand Equivalent (JTCP)
AASHTO T248: Reducing Samples of Agg. (JTCP)
AASHTO T255: Evaporable Moisture Content (JTCP)
AASHTO T329: Moisture Content (Oven Method) - HMA (JTCP)
AASHTO T335: Percentage of Fracture (JTCP)
CT 105: Calculations - Gradings (JTCP)
CT 106: Definitions - Specific Gravity (SpG)
CT 125 AGG: Sampling - AGGREGATES
CT 125 HMA: Sampling - HMA
CT 201: Sample Preparation - Soil and Aggregates (JTCP)
CT 202: Sieve analysis - Fine and Coarse Aggregates (JTCP)
CT 205: Percent Crushed Particles (JTCP)
CT 216: Relative Compaction - Soils and Aggregates (JTCP)
CT 217: Sand Equivalent (JTCP)
CT 226: Moisture Content - Soils and Aggregates (JTCP)
CT 227: Cleanness Value (JTCP)
CT 229: Durability (JTCP)
CT 231: Relative Compaction - Nuclear Gage
CT 504: Air Content of PCC - Pressure Method (JTCP)
CT 518: Unit Weight - PCC (JTCP)
CT 539: Sampling Fresh Concrete (JTCP)
CT 540: Making Cylinders - PCC (JTCP)
CT 541: Flow Cone
CT 556: Slump - PCC (JTCP)
CT 557: Temperature - PCC (JTCP)
Achievement Engineering CorpPrivate2455 Autumnvale Drive, Unit ESan Jose4(No active accredited test methods) View
ACS Materials TestingPrivate7069 Danyuer RoadRedding2(No active accredited test methods) View
AEC Mobile LabPrivate2455 Autumvale Drive, Unit ESan Jose4(No active accredited test methods) View