SIAD: Certificates for Trent Somerville

Certificates for Trent Somerville

Basic Information

First NameTrent
Last NameSomerville

Associated Labs

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Lab NameManager NameFull AddressDistrictPage Alias
UCPRC - DavisJeffrey Buscheck3327 Apiary Drive, Davis, CA 956163Lab 1

Test Methods

California Test (CT) Certifications

Test MethodExpiration DateStatusIA ResponsibleWithin Lab(s) ScopeComments
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AASHTO/ASTM Proficiencies

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Test MethodExpiration DateStatusIA ResponsibleWithin Lab(s) ScopeComments
AASHTO R47(03-0H10U4) Reducing Samples of HMA (Project: 03-0H10U4) 2022-07-19ExpiredSoroosh AmelianLab 1(No comments)
AASHTO TP124 Fracture Potential of Asphalt Mixtures 2022-07-09ExpiredSoroosh AmelianLab 1(No comments)
AASHTO T166(03-0H10U4) Bulk SpG of Compacted HMA - SSD 2021-12-04ExpiredIgnocencio HerreraLab 1(No comments)
AASHTO T312 Gyratory Compactor 2022-07-07ExpiredSoroosh AmelianLab 1(No comments)
AASHTO T331 Bulk Specific Gravity - vacuum seal method 2021-12-08ExpiredIgnocencio HerreraLab 1(No comments)
ASTM D8225(03-0H10U4) IDEAL CT 2022-07-19ExpiredSoroosh Amelian(No lab)(No comments)