Technician Information for Dusit Kongtong

First NameDusit
Last NameKongtong
Technician ID01636

Associated Labs

Total 1 item.
Lab NameManager NameFull AddressDistrictPage Alias
AP Engineering and Testing, IncorporatedAndrew Phukunhaphan2607 Pomona Boulevard, Pomona, CA 917688Lab 1

Test Methods

California Test (CT) Certifications

Total 6 items.
Test MethodExpiration DateStatusIA ResponsibleWithin Lab(s) ScopeComments
CT 226 Moisture Content - Soils and Aggregates (JTCP - S&A)2019-11-07ExpiredSeree YenjaiLab 1(No comments)
CT 105 Calculations - Gradings (JTCP - HMA I / S&A)2023-06-30ExpiredSeree YenjaiLab 1(No comments)
CT 201 Sample Preparation - Soil and Aggregates (JTCP - S&A)2023-06-30ExpiredSeree YenjaiLab 1(No comments)
CT 231 Relative Compaction - Nuclear Gage 2024-04-20ExpiredRabiul HyderLab 1(No comments)
CT 125 GEN Sampling - GENERAL 2024-11-19ActiveShaya MeisamifardLab 1To adjust with the 3 Year CT125 certification
CT 204 LL, PL, PI 2025-04-24ActiveMajid FahrtoshLab 1(No comments)

AASHTO/ASTM Proficiencies