Test Method Information for Beam Fatigue Testing

Basic Information

NameDetermining the Fatigue Life of Compacted Asphalt Mixtures Subjected to Repeated Flexural Bending
Short NameBeam Fatigue Testing
JTCP ModuleNot a JTCP Test Method

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Labs performing the test

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UCPRC - Berkeley4imguada@berkeley.edu1353 South 46th Street, Building 480, Richmond, CA 94804 View
UCPRC - Davis3jbuscheck@ucdavis.edu3327 Apiary Drive, Davis, CA 95616 View

Certified Technicians

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FarzadKouroshnezhad View
ChristopherMarshall View
FrankKnight View
Jeffrey Buscheck View
JackyWai View
Jeffrey Matsushita View
JiahongZhu View
JimXia View
Justin Yu View
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