Lab details for CT D06 - Kingsburg Field Laboratory

Basic Information

Lab NameCT D06 - Kingsburg Field Laboratory
Manager NameMartin Ruiz
Lab Telephone559-897-7224
Lab Fax559-897-2066
Lab Full Address183 West Ventura Court, Kingsburg, CA 93631
Lab TypeCaltrans
Mobile Lab Full Address, ,
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RSP Information

183 West Ventura Court, Kingsburg, CA 93631

Test Methods

California Test (CT) Accreditations

Total 31 items.
Test MethodObtained DateExpiration DateStatusIA ResponsibleTechnician Certified?
CT 105: Calculations - Gradings (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredRobby RodriguezNo
CT 106: Definitions - Specific Gravity (SpG)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredRobby RodriguezNo
CT 125 ADMIX: Sampling - ADMIXTURE2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 125 AGG: Sampling - AGGREGATES (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 125 BIT: Sampling - BITUMINOUS2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 125 CEM: Sampling - CEM2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 125 GEN: Sampling - GENERAL2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 125 HMA: Sampling - HMA (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 201: Sample Preparation - Soil and Aggregates (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredRobby RodriguezNo
CT 202: Sieve analysis - Fine and Coarse Aggregates (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 206: SpG & Absorption - Coarse Aggregates2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 216: Relative Compaction - Soils and Aggregates (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 217: Sand Equivalent (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 226: Moisture Content - Soils and Aggregates (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 227: Cleanness Value (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 229: Durability (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 231: Relative Compaction - Nuclear Gage2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 308: Bulk SpG and Density - HMA2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 370: Moisture Content by Microwave2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 375: AC Density by Nuclear Gage2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 504: Air Content of PCC - Pressure Method (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 518: Unit Weight - PCC (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 521.2: Compressive Strength - PCC (ASTM C39 / C1231)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 521.1: Compressive Strength - PCC (ASTM C39 / C617)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 523.1 Section B.1 & B.2: Flexural Strength (Field Fabrication) (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 524: Flexural Strength of Rapid Strength - PCC2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 533: Ball Penetration - PCC2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 539: Sampling Fresh Concrete (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 540: Making Cylinders - PCC (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 556: Slump - PCC (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo
CT 557: Temperature - PCC (JTCP)2016-05-032017-05-03ExpiredJessa DhaliwalNo

AASHTO/ASTM Proficiencies

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Technicians in the Lab

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Technician Details

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