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Lab NameSyar Industries - Todd Road Laboratory
Manager NameNick Hall
Lab Telephone707-333-8911
Lab Fax707-585-2085
Lab Full Address260 Ghilotti Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Lab TypePrivate

RSP Information

260 Ghilotti Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Test Methods

California Test (CT) Accreditations

AASHTO/ASTM Proficiencies

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Details for Zachary Pfeufer

First NameZachary
Last NamePfeufer
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Certified California Tests(CT)
Test MethodObtained DateExpiration DateStatusIA ResponsibleWithin Lab Scope?
CT 105: Calculations - Gradings (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
CT 125 AGG: Sampling - AGGREGATES (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
CT 125 HMA: Sampling - HMA (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
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AASHTO/ASTM Proficiencies
Test MethodObtained DateExpiration DateStatusIA ResponsibleWithin Lab Scope?
AASHTO T11: Sieve Analysis (Washing) - Fine Aggregates (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
AASHTO T27: Sieve Analysis - Fine and Coarse Aggregates (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
AASHTO R47: Reducing Samples of HMA (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
AASHTO R76: Reducing Samples of Agg (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
AASHTO T176: Sand Equivalent (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
AASHTO T255: Evaporable Moisture Content (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
AASHTO T329: Moisture Content (Oven Method) - HMA (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes
AASHTO T335: Percentage of Fracture (JTCP)2019-04-192022-04-19ExpiredSarbjit GrewalYes